A Brief Look At The Android Smartphones Competing With The Oneplus Nord CE

The Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Bold are two of the most successful smartphones of recent times. In fact they are some of the first smartphone smartphones to offer full QWERTY keyboard and a stunning viewing area. Unfortunately these beautiful phones are also heavy and large which makes them awkward to carry when they are not being used. This problem is often faced by people who have large smartphones but want to use them in the comfort of their own home. Fortunately, there is now a way to buy Oneplus Titanium mobile phone online.

Nokia is once again offering a brilliant looking oneplus nord ce handset, the Oneplus Nordic CE. The Oneplus Titanium is a stunning looking phone. It is equipped with Oneplus’s signature smooth curved glass screen. This HTC device is fully compatible with the numerous networks operating in India.

There is no need to worry about the cost as the Oneplus Nordic CE is available for as low as INR 14,500 for the basic version and just as low as INR 14,500 for the high end model. This is an excellent price to pay for such an advanced device. There are also other benefits to purchasing the Oneplus Titanium rather than any other smart phone in the market. When these phones are ordered in bulk they offer much better discounts than when people purchase them singly.

When it comes to comparing the Oneplus Nordic CE against its competitors there are a number of things that need to be examined. The phone has a large LCD display but it lacks the spaciousness of the iPhone 4 or Android devices. The Oneplus also offers inferior camera quality. In the case of the iPhone, the manufacturer offers superior camera performance but it is not available with the Nordic. The only benefit the phone enjoys compared to the competition is the large LCD display.

The Oneplus Titanium also lacks any fingerprint scanner which may be a deal breaker for many users. The absence of the fingerprint scanner means that this smartphone does not support any external applications that can run on the Android platform. This is a big setback as most people use these external apps on their smartphones to make internet surfing more convenient and less time consuming. The lack of the facial recognition system means that this Oneplus Nordic cannot boast about being a true smart phone as many would have you believe.

Despite all its positive attributes, the Oneplus Nordic does not rate highly when it comes to the area of performance. Its battery life is extremely short and it requires more than 10 hours to charge fully. The phone also has poor sound quality and poor video quality. The one plus feature that the phone has is the Qi port which enables users to enjoy the benefit of Qi charging.